Well…. Where do I begin? I’m a full time IT manager, with a large experience as a technical consultant.  I love fast cars, tech of all nature, gaming, film and music.

– me –

Staticliquid has changed over the years. This page is about our brief history and where it is today.

Having a career in IT, meant that staticliquid started life as a personal domain to primarily have my own email address, but also to be used in self education within my labs at home.

Recently (since 2011), I have grown a new thirst. A thirst for being able to provide for me and my family directly. And by this, I mean being able to pay the bills without the requirement on others. I.e. having a traditional job, and being reliant on the success of other employees and the business as a whole.

So my first venture was into iOS app development. I completed one and a half apps, and staticliquid became the development identity, and this website used specifically to fulfil the requirement for app approval on the appstore. The first, and completed app, was called Aquafolium, which was a simple but difficult game whereby you had to touch the screen to create ripples in a stream. The ripples were used to push a leaf around to collect flowers and avoid obstacles. Remnants of it are still seen on the web (one example). Unfortunately I missed ‘the bubble’ and whilst I thought my game was unique and fun, it was impossible for it to be found in the App Store without a marketing budget bigger than I could afford.  The ‘half an app’ was a money management app.  When I started, it was simply to fulfil a requirement I had of my own phone, to create an app i needed personally.  It was only half an app though, as unfortunately it did not get completed.  It takes a fair while for a team of people, let alone single me, to create an app as you can imagine.  During my development, an app came out that did pretty much what I was after (not exactly, but I could configure it to do as I required).  So I abandoned the project and simply bought the app called Pennies.  Following on from this, I admitted defeat as an indie developer.  I had invested 5 years into object C coding.  iOS development had then moved into swift, and I did not have the appetite to learn a new language.  The last nail in the coffin was down to apple themselves.  The appstore has become a feast for the major publishers, and the appstore gave more and more focus to the bigger names.  Great for the consumer to have all these house hold names; not so good for the indie developer who could no longer get their apps found.  And so staticliquid as an iOS developer was finished.

– aquafolium icon –

A friend at work introduced me to trading mid 2016.  Initially with binary options (believe it or not!), but I quickly moved on to CFD’s, and now spreadbetting.  My love for gaming, was a big factor in my interest in trading.  The ‘action’ of trading, trying to beat the market, very much comes across (to me) as an online game.  Over the course of the last year (at time of writing) I’ve spent money on software, educational material, and funding a small account.  Also over this time, I’ve learnt a lot, and I recognise there is a whole lot more yet to learn.

Things that I find particularly interesting or useful to trading, I will be storing here.

I offer all this as educational, or even just for your amusement only.  Nothing here should be construed as financial advice.  If that’s what your after, then please find someone who is trained and accredited to offer such advice.

If you do use anything in this site to make your own trading decisions from, then please be aware that trading financial instruments has risks associated with it. Please read the disclosure at the bottom of any page.

Otherwise, please enjoy your stay,