anatomy of my gun trade

You may have seen the twitter hashtag #CanTwitterTrade ? It’s a game circling on fintwit whereby if you are nominated, you have 48 hours to call a trade, with entry being at current market price. Basically you detail your stop […]

my setup

overall style My overall style is personal to me, and I am very minimalistic. I hate clutter. In fact I’m very much a believer of “a tidy desk, a tidy mind”. The less distractions around the better. My other trait […]

technical and fundamental analysis

how do you trade? should you use technical analysis (ta), fundamental analysis (fa), or both? ta examines historical price and volume of a given asset to try to suggest future price. patterns or structures are often used to determine what […]

to indicate, or not to indicate

That is the question. Should you use them, or should you not? Indicators do get bad press to be fair. There is a gluttony of people who have opinions on what indicators work and what don’t, and the majority say […]