current bias – short

two spots of liquidity took above, and a pool of untouched liquidity below.

two areas i’m happy to sell at on the hourly.

prefer the lower area, but not discounting that the upper area could be retested on daily tf, so waiting for PA before entering in lower area.

the lower area worked perfectly. I waited for a confirmation on PA on 5 min before getting however. we spiked into sell area taking liquidity from prior high, this gave me a supply area (and the last low pre break) to jump in. choppy H1 PA meant I continued to manage on the 5m TF.. this meant i exited early on the structure change, for ~4.8R. As we can see the ultimate daily target was reached. anyone with the nerve to hold that long could have bagged >15R!

trade aside, bias was spot on.

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