The built in period separator for cTrader shows periods (time ranges) with vertical lines.  The ranges it shows depends on your current timeframe, which unfortunately means it can display a time range different to what you want.   For example, on the hourly timeframe it shows the daily separator.  Move to the four hourly though and the separator changes to a weekly range.

staticliquid Separator allows you to choose a period, such as a daily range, and view it on all timeframes.


Simply choose what time range you want displayed, and whether you also want to show open, high, low, close information for that range.

Choose the colours for the indicator as you wish.




  • Initial Release



You will be provided a download link in your staticliquid account, and order email immediately after purchase.  You are permitted to download this indicator a maximum of three times, within five days.

By downloading this software you agree to the terms and conditions of staticliquid.


Download the zip file containing the indicator and extract the ‘.algo’ file.  As long as you have cTrader already installed and running, simply double click the ‘.algo’ file, and cTrader will prompt you to install it automatically.


Right click your chart, goto indicators –> custom –> staticliquid Separator

Configure Options to suit your needs:-

  • Period? 0=H1, 1=D1, 2=W1, 3=M1. Set to the number that matches the period separator you desire. [Default = 1]
  • Separator Line Color. Set to the desired colour for the period separator lines. [Default = DarkOrchid]
  • Display OHLC, Yes or No. Set to yes if you want OHLC lines drawn in addition. [Default = Yes]
  • Open Color. Set to the desired color for the Open Line. [Default = DeepSkyBlue]
  • High Color. Set to the desired color for the High Line. [Default = DeepSkyBlue]
  • Low Color. Set to the desired color for the Low Line. [Default = DeepSkyBlue]
  • Close Color. Set to the desired color for the Close Line. [Default = DeepSkyBlue]
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